1. 【NEW】Lightweight Sashiko Haori for the coming seasons

    Hello  lovely people. Hope you are all adjusting to staying home and experimenting with new hobbies - or just sit on the couch and watch Netflix for so long, it asks you if you're still there (that would be me).   Today I want to introduce you to another beautiful Sashiko piece! This is a rather new addition to our...
  2. 【NEW ARRIVAL!】Sashiko rail road jacket!

    Hello there. I introduce a new sashiko item today. J7029J03 Sashiko cover all   The fabric is Japaese old fabric 'Sashiko'. It is quite tough and  hard to rip.   This picture is breast pocket. We made slightly round, so looks elegantly.   This picture is cuff. We use 'JBJ' original button. It is written out theme 'BLUE'. This season, a...
  3. Japanese Traditional Fabric 'Sashiko' Embroidery

    Hello there. Today, we introduce Japanese traditional fabric 'Sashiko' series. J7029J03 Sashiko Railroad Denim Jacket The silhouette is fitted, minimalist. The texture is a quite soft and long season you can wear. J422924 11oz Indigo Sashiko Hunting Vest   J802921 Indigo Sashiko Montpe Pants   We suggest a modern style for using traditional fabric. Please check them out!

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