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  1. SNAP: J466 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Selvedge Jeans

    At JAPAN BLUE JEANS Kojima   Item: J466 CIRCLE Classic Straight / 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire cotton selvedge denim Purchase date: September, 2021 Frequency (wearing) : almost everyday Washing: First wash was after half a year, and after that wash whenever get dirty                J466 CIRCLE Classic Straight  /  16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire cotton selvedge denim

    Hello. I introduce that I have worn 1 month J466. J466 CIRCLE CLASSIC STRAIGHT 16.5OZ COTE D'IVORE COTTON VINTAGE SELVEDGE JEANS This type is classic and masculine silhouette. I love short length, so cut like this. I recommend full length too! Please pay attention this fabric! 16.5oz Cote d'Ivore cotton selvedge.! It is quite slab, but will be very soft...
  3. 'Circle Classic Straight' by Japan Blue Jeans

    We would like to introduce 'Circle Classic Straight' Jeans as Japan Blue Jeans' latest collection. Circle Classic Straight Jeans have a more spacious fitting compared to other jeans in Circle series. Classic Straight Jeans are always timeless. They have always been popular over the years with a specifically designed cutting. These jeans provide comfortable wearing without looking overly baggy, finished...

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