1. Top 10 Popular Items of the First Half of 2024

    Introducing the most popular items from the first half of 2024! From long-lasting basic jeans to unique pieces that embody the JAPAN BLUE JEANS style, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to check them out. No.1 J301 14.8oz US Cotton Straight Selvedge Jeans Color: Indigo Claiming the top spot is the quintessential JAPAN BLUE JEANS pair of jeans...
  2. SS24: New Aging Jeans

          4 fits s are available: TAPERED / STRAIGHT / CLASSIC STRAIGHT / LOOSE.                                                          
  3. Official Store Limited: 8oz Côte d'Ivoire Selvedge Jeans

      Comfortable light-ounce jeans are now available as a SS24 official store limited model. Feel the comfort and lightness that you would not expect as authentic denim!       Cote d'Ivoire cotton is said to be "the closest to the original cotton”. This is because it is still cultivated in the traditional way, without pesticides and entirely by hand...

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