AW21 items are getting ready and we would love to show you "BLACK CALIF" today!



There are 6 items which are based on our standard Calif Tapered models
-"Melrose", "Rosewood", "San Diego", "Sun Set", "Santa Monica", "Beverly".

We make these Calif Black by overdyeing standard models, so they are different from usual black jeans.
The more you wear, the more black pigment fades and indigo color will appear. Hope you will enjoy this unique fading!


We are going to tell you what great about Black Calif is!



Q. What is "overdyeing" anyway...?


We mentioned it at the beginning, have you ever heard "over-dye"?
If you love jeans or vintage clothes, then you may have heard or known about it, but we guess that is not familiar in general.


Overdye is just as the name suggests,


Over (above) + Dye (to dye)
= Overdye (dye over with another color)


That's it! lol



Overdyeing is to dye something, that is already dyed, with another color.
By doing this, we are able to express exquisite colors that are difficult to express normal dyeing.
Calif Black is overdyed with black pigment on indigo denim, so they are unique "black" color that is neither black, blue, nor grey.
(There are 2 types of dark and light colors in Calif Black)



Just for your information, denim is woven with the yarn which is dyed, so it is called "yarn-dyed fabric".



Q. What is so great about Calif. Black?


The manufacturing process is incredibly well-designed.


Here's the process of original Calif in brief.

  1.  Making jeans (cutting + sewing)
  2.  Damaging, fading process (bleaching etc...)
  3.  Washing
  4.  Finish


We make Calif in roughly 4 processes.



However these Calif Black have...

  1.  Making jeans (cutting + sewing)
  2.  Damaging, fading process (bleaching etc...)
  3.  Overdyeing jeans
  4.  Washing process  (to make black color fade)
  5.  Washing
  6.  Finish


Like this, there are 6 process in Calif Black.
If it is a normal overdye processed jeans, just make jeans and dye them, but this Calif Black have one more step (damaging process).
By adding extra process, we are able to make black jeans that you have never seen before.


Calif Black have unique and rich color because of the craftsmanship and passion that has gone into them!




And of course not forget about aging (fading)!
This unique "black" color will fade, and indigo which is overdyed with black will gradually appear and fade as well.
We are sure you'll enjoy this aging!