1. Work shirt outfits -Akagi style-

          Item: J370351 Shirt: S / Denim Jacket: 38 / Bottoms: 32   Denim jacket: J386621 Baker pants: J27312J01 Beret: J51190J01         Item: J372953 Shirt: M / Bottoms: 30   Monpe pants: J802921       Item: J373061 Shirt: S     【Fabric】 Dot patterns are not printed but woven.      
  2. Calif Black - AW21 collection-

      AW21 items are getting ready and we would love to show you "BLACK CALIF" today!     There are 6 items which are based on our standard Calif Tapered models -"Melrose", "Rosewood", "San Diego", "Sun Set", "Santa Monica", "Beverly". We make these Calif Black by overdyeing standard models, so they are different from usual black jeans. The more you...

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