1. About Sashiko

    Hi, It's still very hot in Japan, but AW23 items are beginning to arrive. We would like to talk about JAPAN BLUE JEANS' standard fabric "Sashiko" this time.   First of all, about what Sashiko is. Originally, the term "Sashiko" did not refer to the weaves like denim, but to the technique of sewing multiple layers of fabric together in...
  2. Bestseller! Sashiko Haori.

    JAPAN BLUE JEANS' super best selling item, "SASHIKO HAORI" has been restocked!   SASHIKO HAORI / 11oz Indigo sashiko Item: J692951 Size: F   Just by wearing it, looks different from usual! Perfect for this time of year.   There are side seam pockets for convenience!   An inner pocket with good storage capacity.        


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