1. CALIF. Surf Trip Series AW2022

      The "Calif Surf Trip Series" is a superb pair of jeans made in Japan by hand of skilled craftspeople. This is a special pair of jeans filled with the high skills and delicate sense of craftspeople in Kojima.     Let’s see each process!                
  2. CALIF. Straight - a more relaxed fit

    You want to wear distressed jeans but without going for a really tight look? Then CALIF. Straight might be a great model for you! In my last post, I introduced you to CALIF. Slim Tapered. Now, what's different about CALIF. Straight? These models are made in a Slim Straight fit, a bit more relaxed than the Tapered cut but slim...
  3. Great for summer! CALIF Tapered

    It can be a real struggle to find nice jeans for the summer. For those of you who like to be a little more casual or rock distressed jeans at all times - the CALIF series is just for you. First off, a little about CALIF. CALIF is an abbreviation for California. What does California remind us of? Beaches &...

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