1. New Arrivals: Sashiko Sweatshirt

    JLS1002M23    Sashiko Sweatshirt   Usually sweatshirts are made of knit fabric that is flat knitted cotton, and features smooth and fine of stitch on the surface. However this sweatshirt is made of a woven fabric with a stretchy material, and is made of Sashiko Jacquard fabric, which was born from a challenging project to produce sweatshirts using Sashiko technique...
  2. 039×JBJ Collaboration DENIM MIX Hoodie

  3. FADES GALLERY - 18 gauze hard inlay -

    What is "Inlay"? A knitting technique in which weft yarns are inserted (inlaid) into the loops of the base knitted fabric. In this way, it is possible to keep the comfort of knitwear while preventing the fabric from stretching in the weft direction. In addition, the inlay in JAPAN BLUE JEANS is knitted with tight tension to the maximum and...

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