1. Bestseller! Sashiko Haori.

    JAPAN BLUE JEANS' super best selling item, "SASHIKO HAORI" has been restocked!   SASHIKO HAORI / 11oz Indigo sashiko Item: J692951 Size: F   Just by wearing it, looks different from usual! Perfect for this time of year.   There are side seam pockets for convenience!   An inner pocket with good storage capacity.        

        We launched special feature page, 7LOOKS with PREP.     "2022 tenugui calendar" *tenugui  手ぬぐい -  a thin Japanese towel. It may be used as dishcloths, headbands, decorations, or for wrapping.        
  3. Work shirt outfits -Akagi style-

          Item: J370351 Shirt: S / Denim Jacket: 38 / Bottoms: 32   Denim jacket: J386621 Baker pants: J27312J01 Beret: J51190J01         Item: J372953 Shirt: M / Bottoms: 30   Monpe pants: J802921       Item: J373061 Shirt: S     【Fabric】 Dot patterns are not printed but woven.      

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