Japan Blue Jeans

  1. BACK IN STOCK: 14.8oz US Cotton Selvedge Jeans

  2. OFFICIAL STORE LIMITED: Banana Denim Straight Jeans

                    12.5 oz. banana denim fabric is made from a blend of 80% Cote d'Ivoire cotton and 20% banana fiber. Banana fiber is lightweight, breathable, and functional with high moisture absorption and quick-drying, but its somewhat stiff fiber texture was a drawback. As a result of trial and error, a soft and light...

                              We have various kinds of T-shirts from design to fabric in SS24 T-SHIRTS COLLECTION. Hope you will find the best piece!  
  4. Jackets by Various Fabrics and Designs

      Recommended JAPAN BLUE JEANS' jackets for now which can be enjoyed by fabrics and designs.                                           
  5. New Fabric in SS24, "Cotton Nylon Typewriter"

    Today's blog is showing new fabric in SS24. Although these items have already been showed several times, we would like to focus on fabric this time.   JBJ calls this new fabric "typewriter fabric" or "C/N fabric".     Typewriter fabric is... generally, it is considered to be "a cotton fabric consisting of a high-density plain weave". The main advantage...
  6. SS24: New Aging Jeans

          4 fits s are available: TAPERED / STRAIGHT / CLASSIC STRAIGHT / LOOSE.                                                          
  7. EXCLUSIVE: Vintage like Denim Jacket

        Exclusive pieces filled with Kojima's world-class processing technique and craftspersonship. Stock is very limited so don’t miss out!             DID jacket has been processed so much that it could be mistaken for vintage ones. We reproduced fades of the mid 19th century gold rush era through numerous processing steps.   < Processing details...
  8. SS24: 3oz Ultra Light Denim Shirts

        Extremely lightweight comfort, ultra light denim. Made of high quality cotton, it is so light and soft that it is hard to believe it is denim. The perfect denim shirts for spring and summer is now available in 3 colors!                3oz Denim Shirt                 ...
  9. SS24: C/N Typewriter items

        Typewriter fabric is woven at high densities with a warp of fine cotton yarns and a weft of nylon yarns. It is a lightweight, durable, and seasonless fabric that combines the crisp texture of nylon with the soft feel of cotton. It has a unique look not found in 100% cotton fabrics.       We even paid...
  10. Official Store Limited: 8oz Côte d'Ivoire Selvedge Jeans

      Comfortable light-ounce jeans are now available as a SS24 official store limited model. Feel the comfort and lightness that you would not expect as authentic denim!       Cote d'Ivoire cotton is said to be "the closest to the original cotton”. This is because it is still cultivated in the traditional way, without pesticides and entirely by hand...