This blog is about JAPAN BLUE JEANS' ever popular "Sashiko" products.
JBJ's Sashiko items have such a strong presence that you can't help but pick them up in stores, and they are attracting a lot of attention.

Today, we would like to introduce "Sashiko Haori" and its fading which our staff has been wearing for about 4 years with his comments.
For more information about sashiko fabrics and other sashiko products, please refer to the feature page below.



11oz Indigo Sashiko Haori




At 11oz, it has a good weight and thickness, but the softness of the fabric makes it easy to use in everyday life.

Coveralls and denim jacket type are also available, but my top choice is "Haori 羽織り"!

Sashiko fabric alone has a lot of impact, but in addition to that, the haori has an even greater presence.

It is a convenient and fashionable item that you can wear just by throwing it over tops.

In addition, since it is rope-dyed as same as denim, you can enjoy fading!

There are no buttons or ties to fasten the front, and design is very simple with only side pockets and inside pockets,
so you can fully enjoy the texture and fading of the fabric!

Do not disturb the simple design, side pockets are attached along the side seams.


The inside pockets are deep enough to hold a 30cm ruler.

Chambray fabric is used for the inside.


And here is my "partner" which has been spent 4 years with me.

Worn for about 4 years.

It was washed once after one year wearing and every two or three months thereafter.

The collar, which is often rubbed, has faded quitely.


You can see this clearly when we compare them.

Even with the same indigo dye, I felt that the fading is faster than jeans!


I really recommend sashiko products, so please try to adopt them for your outfits!