1. Fades Gallery: Sashiko Haori

    This blog is about JAPAN BLUE JEANS' ever popular "Sashiko" products. JBJ's Sashiko items have such a strong presence that you can't help but pick them up in stores, and they are attracting a lot of attention. Today, we would like to introduce "Sashiko Haori" and its fading which our staff has been wearing for about 4 years with his...
  2. Bestseller! Sashiko Haori.

    JAPAN BLUE JEANS' super best selling item, "SASHIKO HAORI" has been restocked!   SASHIKO HAORI / 11oz Indigo sashiko Item: J692951 Size: F   Just by wearing it, looks different from usual! Perfect for this time of year.   There are side seam pockets for convenience!   An inner pocket with good storage capacity.        
  3. Restock: Sashiko Haori

    J692951 SASHIKO HAORI   With a simple white T-shirt.   There are side-seam pockets in new model.   There are also inside pockets for great storage! Can carry wallet, mobile, etc. just by slipping it on.   Sashiko haori is our bestsellers and it usually goes very quickly. Don't miss this out!!       ~ Cherri blossoms from Japan~   
  4. 【NEW】Lightweight Sashiko Haori for the coming seasons

    Hello  lovely people. Hope you are all adjusting to staying home and experimenting with new hobbies - or just sit on the couch and watch Netflix for so long, it asks you if you're still there (that would be me).   Today I want to introduce you to another beautiful Sashiko piece! This is a rather new addition to our...

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